#73 The feeling of a question mark

When a story starts with two
It goes on for a few days
Some feelings match, some scatter,
Even after times of togetherness.
Two does not hold
Falls apart to one,
And another nameless stranger.

Time brings a lot of changes
Known to unknown,
And the distant stranger becomes close.
But the biggest power of time
No one knows what it will bring
Good or bad, love or a heartbreak.
It will only be known when the time comes
Bringing the stranger along.

Life changes a lot
Through storm, clouds, and the sun
Does not let you grow beyond.
Where mind wants peace, life takes tests
Two plus two never make four
All growth ends in myself,
A few strangers come to nudge.

I am also a stranger, to myself
I am an eclipse for you.
Even if feelings match, still we move far
Because this life is a walk alone
A stranger, moving from two to a growth,
Holding the hands of time.



#72 Beggar

Clouds fly by, too fast to catch
Where are you? It’s getting dark already.

The road just winds once at the corner
I cannot see any farther away than that.

Wind blows in some news
There’s so many new things happening.

I heard things are good for you.
You have taken chances and it felt nice.

These monologues play in my heart
Nothing ever comes out of them, just my hair fall.

This turned out the way you wished
I let it happen, I had no intention to stop.

There’s no trail, no story left behind
In one day all feelings were replaced.

Through the windows of the moving car
Everything moves back that you left behind.

There’s one home half broken,
Standing, waiting, for your arrival even if once.

I am your fool even when the clock stops
Although there’s no more glasses to pour and drink.

#71 যে আঁকে, সে !

তুমি যখন আঁকো,
হাসি ঝরে পড়ে,
ভালোবাসা ধরে রাখে,
কষ্ট সরে যায়!

তুমি যখন থাকো,
মন ভরে আসে,
বাতাস গান গায়,
ঘুম উড়ে যায়।

দূর রাজ্যের পাখিরা,
দ্রুতমান গাড়িরা,
আর অন্ধকারের পরীরা,
ধরা দেবে তোমাকে।

শুধু স্বপ্ন ছুঁয়ে দেখ
অনেকদূরে পাড়ি দেবে
তোমার হাতের তুলি,
ভোলাবে মন রঙে।

হেলায় হারাও যা কিছু তোমার,
চোখের কোণে জলের ছোঁয়া নিয়ে।

#70 Scraped Out

Like a star in the night
I struggle for breath,
Twinkling, I glow when I remember
How good were the old days.

There are many there, but I am all alone
I just have all day to hide
And I flow through the night
Trying to make meaning of my existence.

Is it so much that I want happiness?
I want to look at you, and smile.
I hope the clouds will pass, and you will know
I am there for you when you are loneliest.

In the hovering stardust, in the fireflies,
If only you believe, Dreams can come true.

#69 Micro Poems

(i) Encounter
Life is full of surprises, how they had met
They found each other and found a hidden place.
A cup full on the table, a cup left empty
Two people face to face, two different tastes
One was there for the coffee, another for a face.
All over a cappuccino that sealed their fates,
Forever to love the different beings and their hearts.

(ii) A dream too close
Where to our dreams go?
I might not come back even if it’s morning
But the world of dream is too good.
Will you still be with me while waking
Even if I am one far away in dreams.

(iii) Mamihlapinatapai
I sit, you sit too
One word, two words, a story flows.

(iv) Do I see you?
Why will you look at me so intensely with a desire to kill?
I will lose myself to those eyes, they speak.
Those kohled eyes, they hide,
So many tears and still feign a smile.
Can I move closer and kiss;
I don’t want to lose what there is.
Those kohled eyes, they dream
I wish to stay forever planted in them.

(v) The Reader
Take down one from the shelf
Open a page and read
You’ll find a spring evening hidden somewhere
Where the frost melted, but the fog stayed
Take a walk and you’ll find yourself lost
Pages are best keepers of all secret talks.
A feeling will overcome until the book is kept
The shelf holding one less, a book given
But you’ll be a book rich, a new story to tell.

(vi) মেঘের সাথে
শীতের সন্ধ্যায় সূর্যের ওপাশে
সবকিছুর থেকে দূরে,
সময় কি আমাদের শেখাবে
আর কতদূর যাওয়া বাকি?
এক প্রান্ত ছেড়ে, সীমারেখা ঘেঁষে,
মনের মাঝে স্বপ্ন দেখতে দেখতে
চল হেঁটে যাই হাত ধরে।

#68 A Call that Happened 

There she was,
Her profile picture as glamorous as ever.
She looked,
Her gaze intense, and she, enigmatic.
What do I do,
I could just stare and lie to myself.

The phone was there,
I called and disconnected, scared.
What will she think?
Well, “you are just a desperate creep.”
I picked up the phone again,
This time I let it ring and “hello” she said.

First we laughed,
I heard it after so long, it hurt.
Then we talked,
So many things had happened.
Later I understood,
The other person was so alike.

I called her on a Saturday,
The distance wasn’t far, but we were.
She spoke the way she did,
But clearly her interest had waned.
I tried to carry on,
There was no spark which was apparent.
Silences came then,
Both of us decided it had to end.

It ended.

#67 Petals to Fall.

It looks like a petal waiting to fall.
You know the end of the cliff,
I think it’s a bit of a walk.

All my monsters wait
At the end of it,
There is no chance of escape.

Ridiculous ego burning my heart
Refuse to bring me out of the dark.
Feelings scattering all over the place!

The dire desire inside of me
Keeps echoing till I can’t breathe.
Where will I end? How far do I walk?

Once a loser, always stays so
Since I know this so well, I don’t hesitate,
I jump straight into the crevice, the story ends.

মৃত্যু কোনো শাস্তি না, মৃত্যু হল সব শাস্তির শেষ!