#53 Childish lines for she is leaving 

When I sit alone,
The lights dim out
Memories float by
The mist still makes me cry.

It has been so long
Your flight left
A new world called
I kept waiting.

Have you ever thought
I am still,
There, somewhere,
In the pain of separation.

Last wish to see
Baby, forever goodbye
You chose the right thing
At the cost of one last kiss.



#46 Mirror of Colours

Tearing through the haze smirks a shout
A whirling run makes life a lot less complicated
What was together from the start
Has now gone away in two different ways.

Starting at the night the fears become stronger
Loneliness feels less lonely, at least one companion
The pillow doesn’t get wet, they think I have matured.
Only if people knew how bad it hurts to pretend and live.

The mossy undergrowth has decided to cover the scars
Can the light pass through the broken glasses just the same?
Tonight a few drops rain again from the sky,
Wind will blow, time starts healing once more.

Feelings cannot be seen through the eyes,
They can be painted by heart and realised.

#45 When Flowers Die

When the sun glitters across the rain washed horizon
When I feel lonely to even walk away.

The stars might have seen me many a times peeking
But I have not been able to look up since then.

There is a time when flowers dry,
Sky darkens and the day ends in tears.

Life is so very different now that memories remain,
Of scents vanished forever of all happinesses that had been.

Nights went in solitude while I sat with my shadow
Cast on walls talking to each other but not me.

The tree creeper wrinkles round,
Pain, is who decides to be my only mate.

Feelings have left, I am caged. I want to escape, life doesn’t let.
What I was before, I still wish to be.

#44 Numbness, a bit.

Walk out of here,
Remember the times we spent together!

The last curling smoke
The feelings of the life before.

The broken glasses and the shattered dreams
Are not the only things that broke.

Walking over is painful
Knowing you don’t have a fault is killing me more.

Holding hands this long
Memory is a rope that now hangs me till death.

Known long enough,
To forget will take this lifetime.

How do you see my tears,
In the pouring rain?

#39 Too Late。

If only you had the heart to know,
The song that I did not sing tonight
Was the one I wrote for you.

In the end it was just a walk away
To start from here is all I could not do,
All you could do is stand and wait.

Even the sun faded and smoke hid
The circle of thoughts vanished
Playing games with relationship.

The phone call came a bit too late,
It was a day of forgiveness, of memories
This time you cannot come back to me.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

#38 Writing Distances

She sent one line,
Never to write another time
The feeling departed
The story never started.
Why would it end now
When Spring was about to reach us.

I had thought it would not happen again
But in love that is the only real thing.
Pain, pain, and more pain to live
To bear through all that had to be.

She went far away South,
She had cut all the tying ropes.
That didn’t sever all the hopes,
Talks lasted even in the evening
Before the night could finally come.

What they didn’t know how the other felt,
One boy and a girl, we sadly lived.
Far away, and apart since,
The feeling that never died, left.

#37 life-less. 

Fancy, the name of a bird
Sing, sing, sing, oh in my fortune ring.
The life in a bucket, scattered
Loveless, and now shattered.

A single wish, a dying treat
To open the doors and undertaker greets,
Never the same, never again
Smiles in life have gone in vain.

She calls, whims enjoy,
This is all a fate’s ploy;
To drown, to play,
To return me back to a model of clay.

Dance round the fire that burns,
Lucky I am, I still suffer.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *