#113 Tristitia

She sat there, a lonely girl,
Looking for her mother’s lap
To lie down again,
Her childhood framed, hanging on
The wall, locking her in her wish to be left alone.

The moon hung low,
Not oblivious to her loneliness,
She too forfeited her smile
To feel solidarity, and the numbing pain.
The friendly giants too, stood resolutely desolate.

Those empty black eyes transfixed
Outside the windows random lights scattered
Loud thunders bespoke of grim days,
But, nothing ever stayed. Her wait prolonged,
With every new song she learnt.

The street light shone woefully
Lighting up a lonely stretch,
Her home locked, the bell not rung in days,
Creepers come to cover her windows
Just as her heart had sadness weaving a blanket.

#88 Pensive

Seven days have long gone
Winds blow no more,
No more rustling of leaves,
No more walking barefeet;
Because the hand that I had held
Is now holding someone else’s,
Somewhere far away
Where I shall go no more.
Thus I bid adieu, pain and love,
Smile, for I’ll remember again,
Or I’ll even look back,
Hoping for a happier end.

#56 The Puzzle

After we returned, we were all alone.
We lost all touch, we had to just live ahead.

Our assumed identities remained
In the places where we had lived.

The brightly lit streets and a radio somewhere,
They were the only ones to know us.

The images stuck like a vision,
Our eyes bled fire, and the empty punches of frustration.

After failing to find the time that fled,
There was nothing left behind.

Except broken mirrors, dried up stains, and misery.
They were all that reminded of the smiles gone forever.

A single photo frame stood through all that happened.
I simply walked today as well.

Will there be a day when we meet again?

I know a day might come when we find
Each other at a busy corner of the street.

A day when we can smile again,
A day when I face myself fully.

However right now is not the time.

Today as well, a damp wind blows
The rain patters on the roofs and trails.

Then, just like a warning my phone rang.
Only a silence was there to respond.

The name I thought I had left behind,
Stared at me, taking me back to a forgotten life.