#112 Fall Poem

This time of the year the shadows fall longer,
And the red hibiscus of your mother has bloomed again.
Having escaped your paintbrush after a lot of tries
Scattered fallen leaves on the dusty path, ready to run with the wind.

Do you know all the birds visiting you,
Sharing stories from all over the world?
Or the old cat from Murakami’s novels who strolls lazily
Into a shade, remembering the bygone days.

In your garden there is peace –
A wind-chime sings, tied to your favourite walnut tree
Life pacing on the busy ant-hills at day’s end.
Oh! How a few stars lost their way ending up early in dusk’s orange sky.

Melancholy is another name for the times gone,
But all tomorrows bring something new called happiness.

#99 Autumn

Shut inside a room
No windows to look out,
But I hear Autumn has come.
Have you seen her arrive?

How is she? Does she wear a red gown?
Is she quite moody like everyone says?
I think she has this mischievous smile,
And she only wants to run free.

The chill not yet like a strict winter punishment
But a sadness hanging over the floor,
I feel the wind has changed,
Autumn, do you really bring sorrow?

Hidden among all the nightmares and heartbreaks,
Falling leaves are beautiful too.

#75 What love is…

Love shall never be easy,
It be stormy, it will sting
Tears will fall like rain drops,
But it still remains beautiful
To be in love.

When she tells you stories
All puzzles are unravelled,
The beauty remains in simplicity
Of togetherness forever,
To fall in love ad infinitum.

Stories are make believe
But some we live.
Answers don’t have to be always right;
But if they can bring a smile
That beauty is simply love.

#33 A Story from the Fantasy World

When I wake up from the sleep of mystery
I remember of a distant dream,
One covered in moss and veils of green mischief.

The place is as far as possible from the real
Covered in all snow.
There ancient trees and gates are the things standing,
And thin smokes from the huts left.

Sitting by the window listening to the winds,
Reporting from the far away Prince’s land,
There’s one girl that doesn’t fit in here.

She was the Prince’s match,
Denied him her body, stayed alone
Left a life of secure submission.

One life she had to live, she would, she knew,
She ran away to the far world, away,
Where none of her kind ever went.

It was the human world that she reached,
Surprised to see such beauty everywhere
Still distance amongst everybody.

She wondered how life worked here,
She could only notice “people” talking to tools,
Not others anymore.

It was a life of fragments that she found herself in,
A life very very different from what she wished,
It’s a life of loneliness.

But, it is a life. At least.

You have choices to make. From the start,
As you go on living your life ahead.

She heard some complain, choices aren’t enough.
Money is the only thing that matters to them!
Those people are privileged, not happy.

People who have very little can afford a lot more,
They smile, they cry, they think of happinesses,
Until they die.

She wondered which life she would choose.
Both equally distasteful, no love in them.

The fantasy is bleak to approach reality,
Faded, bloody, sick, sustained miserably.

With every turn, reality is losing its ground
And then will come a rupture
When even truth vanishes and darkness prevails.

Her life stopped in a sight,
From the porch of the setting sun
On the life that had been, would never return.

Here I woke up startled,
Not trusting what I had seen
With my eyes tight shut in sleep.

#31 6 Words’ Story

This is the story of one
A boy who was all alone
He dreamt of a perfect life
But which eluded him for ever.

He met someone else much alike
An enigma and an elegant beauty
A woman, so far from him,
Perfect in all aspects of life.

He could only wish for her,
He could only dream of her,
He could only think of her,
It was a life about her.

To feel her breathe on him
To keep on looking at her
Her eyes and his, to meet
His life became a love story.

He was hoping for a miracle
A chance to cross the ocean
To stand in front of her
To share what he always felt.

However, all great stories must end
She took a train and left
His heart stopped, and to him
She died, and he withered away.

After reading this Kukii said. “she died in my head though.”

#21 Friend to the Sea

A roar, a crash
A sudden water splash
The sea, the mighty sea,
Crashing on fragile thoughts.

A girl in torn kurti,
Her oversized dress,
Almost falling apart by the wind,
That blows in her face.

Her curls flying with the wind
A dusty smile on her face.

She looks straight
To the horizon, where the sky greets the sea.
Why is she amazed, has she never seen this?
But she seems a local, this a common scene.

No! The sea is never static, never the same,
With the evening light, an Evening sea,
With the northern winds, a Northern Windy sea.

The sea forever alone and waiting,
And she, an only friend to the sea.


She walks ahead in silhouette
I follow her, in awe of her beauty
Completely out of breath,
Thinking of my misfortune.

I cannot stop myself from letting me loose
Wish a look in her eyes and hold of her hands
Within my mind, lost in crowd
The fear seeps in, she must be lost by now.

The thought troubles, the last glimpse at her,
Soon to be lost from my eyes, concealed by shadows –
Until lost, and we drown.

#4 Moth’s life

Fly, moth, fly,
Fly to another sky
One that cannot be torn
Away from under your wings.

Moth, look up
There’s hope in the sun
It doesn’t hide your beauty
The glow of life in tranquility.

Never stop your pride, 
Shades of darkest colours
Expressions to unsaid emotions
Proudly sketch what you need to feel.

Be not vain
Like a butterfly’s false beauty
Lasts hours in an entirely stalled life
Be what touches more than eyes can see.

Going up and up
Never look down or behind,
For what of life has been left is gone
Like chances that matter not anymore.

There is little of life
In every flutter of your wings
So be not ashamed to paint life
And spread around the joy of living.