#Update: New Photography Site – 35MM Thrills

I have finally managed to set my procrastination aside for a bit and do the unthinkable, I created a small site of my own displaying my photography. The website is called 35MM Thrills because I have always loved the look of analog 35mm film cameras, and with a lot of inspiring contents coming from Jason Kummerfeldt aka Grainydays (trust me, “it’s going to be a good time” 😉), I did make the leap.

I know it’s an extreme hypocrisy on my part because I always claimed that my photography is only for myself. But, this lockdown induced isolation (read ‘loneliness’) made me think that sometimes doing something I am not very comfortable with, can be a good thing.

It’s also a refreshing change to have my own photography page out there. I have received some very nice comments, a few people interested to get some prints for themselves, and some friends eager to collaborate with me for future galleries. I am thankful to all the well wishers and visitors of my page.

Anyway, the page is still at a nascent stage and I hope I will be able to update it over time and keep it going. And hoping that the site will also push me to go out and take more photos.

Here’s my website address, kindly visit my website if you have some free time to spare: https://35mmthrills.wordpress.com/

Hope you will like it.