#100 XXVI

When I’m 28, I’ll understand a few things better,
I’ll behave more maturely.
I promise I will yell less, get angry less often;
Maybe I can even forgive you!
But now I am just 26, so I’ll hold on to my anger,
Just a while longer, till it’s all in the past.

As soon as eyes met, I knew this was to happen,
There was no beginning, but a sure end.
I’ll follow my dreams, or wherever my destiny takes me,
You wore your crown and we did part,
Your climb higher is only a matter of time now,
For which the Princesses shall stand firm, the warriors die a cruel death.

I stand before my own tomb,
But I won’t lie in, not so soon.
I feel amazed at the beautiful drawings –
Such hate directed at humanity,
Truth, you could only poison!
But we all love to play with fire.

My escape became quite literally,
A wound of arrow, a blessing from sorrow.
Penance for everything dear,
I will be darkness, a memory to forget,
But I stand today in front of ruins
That has my soul buried, but I outside of it.

Last two years were a roller-coaster ride,
Hell of fun, a lot much to learn.
Do you remember your promises sent with the clouds?
Oh Princesses! I might have been your courts’ biggest fool,
However, one thing that I understand now,
The wind belongs to none.


#99 Autumn

Shut inside a room
No windows to look out,
But I hear Autumn has come.
Have you seen her arrive?

How is she? Does she wear a red gown?
Is she quite moody like everyone says?
I think she has this mischievous smile,
And she only wants to run free.

The chill not yet like a strict winter punishment
But a sadness hanging over the floor,
I feel the wind has changed,
Autumn, do you really bring sorrow?

Hidden among all the nightmares and heartbreaks,
Falling leaves are beautiful too.

#98 Sleep Talking

There’s no chasing
I won’t even dare try,
Nothing more to do.

A break, from all known:
Another walk away.
Would I want to be back?

My glasses stained,
Slightly hazy,
It’s been raining constantly.

Lots of clouds, less sunshine,
But it’s slightly wild, where I would be,
For so long I have had only dreams.

Will everything be the same?
Would you befriend me again?
Just some random questions.

Sitting along the Mekong
Another boat left,
But I couldn’t return home.

At the end of this journey,
I will come out older,
Not much wiser, maybe just a bit.