#88 Pensive

Seven days have long gone
Winds blow no more,
No more rustling of leaves,
No more walking barefeet;
Because the hand that I had held
Is now holding someone else’s,
Somewhere far away
Where I shall go no more.
Thus I bid adieu, pain and love,
Smile, for I’ll remember again,
Or I’ll even look back,
Hoping for a happier end.

#87 Hint/s

Tearing sky and lashing rain!
Meaningful songs and candles’ flames!
Signs from heaven?
Alas! Too atheist to trust in them.

An artist’s face, should conveniently smile
The smart of a woman, confident and bold.
Let not past weigh in, nor let faults ensnare
Thrive in your dreams, make stories come real.

Your eyes are too dark, too melancholic
They scare me sometimes
Because I don’t understand anymore than you say
But when I look at you, is it a mirror I face?

Far too long for a single kiss if you ask,
What will a lifetime of togetherness cost then?

#86 Satiate

There were times
When my memory failed,
But all those sweet words of love
Didn’t go missing.

Just like them cycle rides, you and I,
In hindsight I realised,
Why I didn’t feel alone
Since, happiness was always there.

Why would there be silence?

Even when there’s spring around
There are new leaves,
The wind is so warm too,
Strangely, there are still feelings.

Six of the guitar strings, rusted,
Or the old clothes I don’t wear these days,
I still need them.
It’s still a waste, but why change needlessly?

On a moonless night
Under all the stars we cannot count,
I would have an amazing gift.
Do you wait for it still?

There’s someplace I really want to be,
But, will you go with me?