#67 Petals to Fall.

It looks like a petal waiting to fall.
You know the end of the cliff,
I think it’s a bit of a walk.

All my monsters wait
At the end of it,
There is no chance of escape.

Ridiculous ego burning my heart
Refuse to bring me out of the dark.
Feelings scattering all over the place!

The dire desire inside of me
Keeps echoing till I can’t breathe.
Where will I end? How far do I walk?

Once a loser, always stays so
Since I know this so well, I don’t hesitate,
I jump straight into the crevice, the story ends.

মৃত্যু কোনো শাস্তি না, মৃত্যু হল সব শাস্তির শেষ!


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