#68 A Call that Happened 

There she was,
Her profile picture as glamorous as ever.
She looked,
Her gaze intense, and she, enigmatic.
What do I do,
I could just stare and lie to myself.

The phone was there,
I called and disconnected, scared.
What will she think?
Well, “you are just a desperate creep.”
I picked up the phone again,
This time I let it ring and “hello” she said.

First we laughed,
I heard it after so long, it hurt.
Then we talked,
So many things had happened.
Later I understood,
The other person was so alike.

I called her on a Saturday,
The distance wasn’t far, but we were.
She spoke the way she did,
But clearly her interest had waned.
I tried to carry on,
There was no spark which was apparent.
Silences came then,
Both of us decided it had to end.

It ended.


#67 Petals to Fall.

It looks like a petal waiting to fall.
You know the end of the cliff,
I think it’s a bit of a walk.

All my monsters wait
At the end of it,
There is no chance of escape.

Ridiculous ego burning my heart
Refuse to bring me out of the dark.
Feelings scattering all over the place!

The dire desire inside of me
Keeps echoing till I can’t breathe.
Where will I end? How far do I walk?

Once a loser, always stays so
Since I know this so well, I don’t hesitate,
I jump straight into the crevice, the story ends.

মৃত্যু কোনো শাস্তি না, মৃত্যু হল সব শাস্তির শেষ!

#65 The Boy Walking in Time

Once upon a time, there was a boy
He walked on and on,
To reach a destination he never had.

Where was he going? He didn’t know.
What was the reason? Nothing kept him home.
How long would he walk? Who knows, it’s life.

Through the ups and downs, mist and rain,
The boy still walked on,
To a land unknown.

Five years ago, the boy met a woman
She hid behind a lot of mysteries, she was the unknown,
She was the Princess of the Clouds!

She asked where he was headed,
The boy couldn’t respond, he said he only walked
She smiled and said, I’ll walk along.

The boy stopped on his tracks,
Lost his desire to walk anymore,
He knew now he was home.

Now, five years later,
He comes back home one more time from another walk,
Will everything be the same?

It’s late night, travellers find rest in the sarai
The boy must walk on,
He has a place to reach tonight.

This time he knows his destination,
He knows the way and the reason,
Tonight the boy walks on, he must reach home.

Truly said, home is where heart is,
The boy realised, “my heart is in the East, buried far beneath,
Where Princess of the Clouds lives!”

#64 Tryst with Art, Ajanta & Ellora

Time stopped and I stood there
Gazing at marvels of human touch,
It made me speechless and numb
Thinking how could anyone make something so beautiful?

Cold and damp, dark and slippery
Rocks and rocks, caves in them
No life in sight, a steep descent,
Still monks and artists brought these alive.

For whom did they toil so much?
No money, no fame, no glory, no name!
Still they left their marks with lots of pain
In the name of devotion, something I cannot understand.

I bow my head as I still stand
I cannot think of anything else
Wish I was an artist who understood,
Or at least one who imagined as bright as you did!

#63 On the Roads (disclaimer: childish and sleepily jotted down) 

One more night at an empty motel
The rooms all feel the same
The damp, the dim lights,
Lack the warmth that I had.

The coffee dates, the waffles
The rainy goodbye,
Will I ever forget what you did for me?
I will forget, only if I die.

Do you still look away and smile?
When you think of something funny
But cannot share it because you want to show,
That you are angry and serious you can be.

You know, you have the brightest smile
It is different, and special in this heart.
Made me feel better when I saw,
And you gave me a bit more hope.

Now that it’s dark and time to sleep,
I hope in our dreams we will meet.
Again a time I wish I find,
To hold your hands I hope I can.