#59 Let Us Be Who We Wanted To Be. 

Let’s step outside,
To escape from the sorrows that trap us in
What about becoming what we wanted to be?

Let’s go far,
Maybe the sounds will travel along.

Let’s move away,
From the pain that life has given to us
To know everything again from the start.

Let’s forget the past,
To create a world where there is no impossible.

One last walk together maybe!
Before everything comes to end,
Only to begin again in another story,
This time not to miss what we wanted to be.

#58 Time Onwards

When I stood
When the time had stopped
I looked at you
But you turned your eyes away.

Day by day everything changes
Stories are what already has passed,
Nothing hurts anymore
Only time can come in our way.

You say that you love me
Nothing will come between us,
You got the best of me
But you had to throw it away.

Like what the setting sun reminds,
Turn one more page, there’s something new.

#57 Lost Love

Without a reason I strolled down that pathway one day,
She came from the front to collide with me
Whether love reflected in her eyes or not, I know not, but she stooped with shame.
As I looked at her face I found,
Everything might have changed, but the feeling never did
The way she wears her hair has changed, but the essence of shade they carry will not.

In loneliness I discussed with the moon about her,
The moon didn’t change, neither did her presence in our conversation.
Just a few crossroads were filled with the remembrance of her,
The burial that she had in my chest, someone today cleaned the dust from them and revived her back.

We met after decades,
Holding her hands we sat together,
Wanted to say some, wanted to hear some more, and to know everything I wanted!
Some sweet words, some not so sweet nights,
Some musical moments and promises that never were to break,
The monsoon’s pit pat, the spring’s grandeur,
Whatever I had wanted happened today, for I got to meet her one more time.

The flowery beauty of hers changed,
But the petals couldn’t forget their glitters!
The sparkle of her face had changed,
No longer the moon, it was the radiant sun that glowed!
In the little togetherness I felt I have lived my entire life of an eternity!

A lot of words I said, but never did I this one thought vent,
I knew we would again meet one day,
Every day with that hope, I had walked that path aimless.

The original of this piece was written by a talented friend of mine in Hindi. I give that below.

इक दिन यूँ ही उसी राह से गुज़र रहा था,
वो सामने से आकर टकरा गई
ना जाने प्यार था या नहीं निगाहों में पर शर्म से वो झुक ज़रूर गई।
मैंने देखा उस चेहरे को और ये पाया,
बदल गया हो सब कुछ पर वो अहसास नहीं बदला,
बदल गयी ज़ुल्फ़ों की फ़िज़ा पर उसकी ज़ुल्फ़ों की छाँव का वो पैग़ाम नहीं बदला।

अक्सर तन्हाई में चाँद के संग उसकी बातें करता था,
ना चाँद बदला ना बातें बदली।
बस कुछ चौराहों की जगह मन के खयालातों ने भर दी,
दफ़न थी सीने में कही यादें, उन क़ब्रों की आज मिट्टी किसी ने साफ़ कर दी।

मिली थी वो इक अरसे बाद,
पकड़ उसका हाथ मैंने उसे अपने पास बिठा लिया,
कहना था कुछ, सुनना था बहुत कुछ और जानना था सब कुछ!
कुछ मीठी बातें, कुछ कड़वी रातें,
वो सुरीली यादें, जो कभी टूटे नहीं वो वादें!
वो सावन की झमझम, वो बसंत की बहार।
चाहा था जो वो आज हो ही गया, मिला माई उससे फिर एक बार।

बदल गई थी हुस्न कि डालियाँ,
पर खिलखिलाना नहीं भूली थी कलियाँ!
बदल गया था नूर सूरत की,
चाँद नहीं, थी वो आफ़ताब!
उन साथ के कुछ पलों में मैंने अपना पूरा जीवन जैसे उसके साथ जी लिया!

ना जाने क्या-क्या बतलाया मैंने पर ये कभी ना कहा,
यक़ीन था तू फिर मिलेगी एक दिन, तुझे पता नहीं मैं उसी उम्मीद को दिल में लिए हर रोज़ इसी राह से गुज़रा!

#56 The Puzzle

After we returned, we were all alone.
We lost all touch, we had to just live ahead.

Our assumed identities remained
In the places where we had lived.

The brightly lit streets and a radio somewhere,
They were the only ones to know us.

The images stuck like a vision,
Our eyes bled fire, and the empty punches of frustration.

After failing to find the time that fled,
There was nothing left behind.

Except broken mirrors, dried up stains, and misery.
They were all that reminded of the smiles gone forever.

A single photo frame stood through all that happened.
I simply walked today as well.

Will there be a day when we meet again?

I know a day might come when we find
Each other at a busy corner of the street.

A day when we can smile again,
A day when I face myself fully.

However right now is not the time.

Today as well, a damp wind blows
The rain patters on the roofs and trails.

Then, just like a warning my phone rang.
Only a silence was there to respond.

The name I thought I had left behind,
Stared at me, taking me back to a forgotten life.