#53 Childish lines for she is leaving 

When I sit alone,
The lights dim out
Memories float by
The mist still makes me cry.

It has been so long
Your flight left
A new world called
I kept waiting.

Have you ever thought
I am still,
There, somewhere,
In the pain of separation.

Last wish to see
Baby, forever goodbye
You chose the right thing
At the cost of one last kiss.


#52 Light a Lamp in the Sands

All has stopped with time
Only time moves along
With a mute storm.

Burried in the sands
Forgotten banks of our crawling river
Shall not come
In the lap of my heart.

Prayers shall be etched
In my heart for you
Only to memories you turn.

My hands trace back what is lost
In the flow of your long hair
The North Star is my only escape
I look into your eyes.

The playing wind will be the only one
To walk in the dreams that were, with me.

Light the lamp to find a way back,
Remember me when I was so close.

#51 Presence 

Imagine you are there!
But how does it matter?
Even if you stay or leave,
Nothing much changes.

If that is it, think
You are there, but your presence is unfelt.
Surrounded by a lot of voices, others,
There is work, there is soul, and there is authority above.

Does it change anything though?

Probably it does.

As long as their authority is established,
An invisible target shall stand in front.
I will stand by too, to aim my feelings,
Wiping away staleness, wiping fear, maybe losing all.

Let the heart lose today,
She will arrive there when the time is right.