#40 At the bus stop

The road has been too old, the view still new
It is here that I sit patiently and await your footsteps.
Falling leaves, passing cars, a few eager glances thrown my way
They do not know why I would sit alone while others choose to move ahead.

All the ambitions are gone and everything finished,
I just have one question in my mind
Would you be coming over at this time,
Or do I have to come again another day?

The story should have ended long back.
It never started when we sat together for a cup of tea.
It did not even when we fought over the phone every day,
It did when you decided to move away and leave me.

Time did change the feeling, it made things bleak.
Without use why bother about a person who’s gone, my friends said,
I thought gone she might be, I still at the bus stop wait!


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