#34 कट्टर राजपूत!!

I return home.
My home, where we have been for long.
Sea of sand and terrain harsh, unforgiving.
We have been here for generations.

Here, the sound of swords have been prominent
Than clicks of the shutters.
Here blood has flown further
Than eyes could have noticed.

But this is my land,
People here have survived on their courage and grit.
We will stay even if time decides to stop.
We have never lost to anyone.

The tales of wars are heard resonating,
We have paid for it with our blood;
Mughals, Mewars, British, Syndhias, Pigs, Butchers
We have seen and they have tasted death and shame.

All our enemies have not lived long,
All our enemies are now gone.
They have come from far with hopes to tame us,
But we are your darkest fear, you cannot face us.

Rajput, you have heard our name
We protect those who need, we fight with our brothers for glory.
I am one of our clan,
Our legacy will live on in me.


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