#37 life-less. 

Fancy, the name of a bird
Sing, sing, sing, oh in my fortune ring.
The life in a bucket, scattered
Loveless, and now shattered.

A single wish, a dying treat
To open the doors and undertaker greets,
Never the same, never again
Smiles in life have gone in vain.

She calls, whims enjoy,
This is all a fate’s ploy;
To drown, to play,
To return me back to a model of clay.

Dance round the fire that burns,
Lucky I am, I still suffer.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

#36 Happy Birthday 12/1

Birthday is a special day, it needs to be celebrated. It might all be made into one day of commercialisation currently, but that doesn’t matter in the heart at all. The day is a reminder of one’s journey, from blissful helplessness to a mature self-sufficiency. This process is a testament of numerous people who matter, all those who make life so meaningful. So birthday is something that is to be always remembered.

Whatever was between us, that we lived by,
Even though I now know never that shall come again,
To think of the stars that brighten the path,
To feel the dew that settles on your face,
It is all a winter’s tale that is better forgotten.
So hard to replace,
A winter that shall never come.

In one sweep the days are gone past,
Only to return with a faint voice.
There will be no witness to your pain and longing
Only your bosom to keep a heavy guard on it.

Today is not like the rest
When you have to eat your memories to survive,
When you give up your dreams to live
A life is not entirely true.

This day is one when you feel special
One where everyone looks at you.
You can settle in the old couch
And think about good wishes that come to you.

I am wishing you a day when all your wishes come true.
I am wishing you a smile that you can carry with you your entire life.
I am wishing you a life that always is blessed by the God and you stay in his care.
I wish you many many happy returns of this beautiful day.

#35 All the Modern Talks

Word by word a movement from the two sides
That can never know each other’s untold stories.

A part of me wants what is out of reach,
Right from the start of what has been.

The fear stops right there,
Impossibility of the three words.

She is one who has the reach,
Who can pull me close or push me away.

Like one song, it plays on and on
In repeat until my feelings are wrenched and forgotten.

She sings, she serenades, she heals, she forgives
But she is the free bird that will fly on at the end of the day.

Then would come a rain as end to the story
Cry, wish it never happened the way it did.

Left behind the strong desire, even stronger words
Chats that now stay unread.

#34 कट्टर राजपूत!!

I return home.
My home, where we have been for long.
Sea of sand and terrain harsh, unforgiving.
We have been here for generations.

Here, the sound of swords have been prominent
Than clicks of the shutters.
Here blood has flown further
Than eyes could have noticed.

But this is my land,
People here have survived on their courage and grit.
We will stay even if time decides to stop.
We have never lost to anyone.

The tales of wars are heard resonating,
We have paid for it with our blood;
Mughals, Mewars, British, Syndhias, Pigs, Butchers
We have seen and they have tasted death and shame.

All our enemies have not lived long,
All our enemies are now gone.
They have come from far with hopes to tame us,
But we are your darkest fear, you cannot face us.

Rajput, you have heard our name
We protect those who need, we fight with our brothers for glory.
I am one of our clan,
Our legacy will live on in me.