#31 6 Word Story

This is the story of one
A boy who was all alone
He dreamt of a perfect life
But which eluded him for ever.

He met someone else much alike
An enigma and an elegant beauty
A woman, so far from him,
Perfect in all aspects of life.

He could only wish for her,
He could only dream of her,
He could only think of her,
It was a life about her.

To feel her breathe on him
To keep on looking at her
Her eyes and his, to meet
His life became a love story.

He was hoping for a miracle
A chance to cross the ocean
To stand in front of her
To share what he always felt.

However, all great stories must end
She took a train and left
His heart stopped, and to him
She died, and he withered away.

An update:
After reading this, 
Kukii said “she died in my head though”
I replied,” she died in my heart too!”


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