#29 Artificial Love

​Pretending to care, you feel nothing
In fake love, we suffer
All this while it was a cover,
To deny what we never were.

You and I won’t work out,
Our priorities so different
That if we try any solution
We can only fall apart.

Further and further we are moving, 
Away from each other. No love to hold us back.

Promises we made one day are not true anymore, 
You have become fat, me bald,
Our love story has become colourless,
No more excitement in the viewers’ eyes.

“You have changed so much”, said the man
Who cannot recognise himself in the glasses
His reflection is so different from what he had been.
His cap hiding his guilt and shame of failing,
His oversized apparel his naked body.

The woman sleeps in a different man’s bed,
This one is new for the week,
After all this pocket is bigger than the last one’s manliness.

Priorities can always change, we do not realise.
One life we have, to find our love stories.
They might work, they might not,
No reason to break us down and throw us. 

After all she said, “you’ll find someone new”,
It was his birthday when she left him for the new life.
Was it a fair life?
But that is what we live, an artificial love.


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