#28 Over Life

True or false,
A glass of whiskey,
My dream one night too long

So walk up, go figure
Climb that staircase
Oh you know what’s waiting!

I am just trying to make a living,
But that’s false.
Everything that I do,
Will come back too!

It’s true,
My life is,
A few stories at a time.

It was 2001+11+1,
When I knew,
The feeling of fear
Of falling from high.

Tumbling down into the uncertain,
Stress of singing a song
In a trembling voice of nervousness
Standing in front of all the pervasive eyes.

What will happen when the entire life just turns
Into a collage of nightmares
Waking up sweating,
Feeling lost and breathing hard.

From that moment
What is divine, is my life,
No more control
There one life ends.


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