#28 Over Life

True or false,
A glass of whiskey,
My dream one night too long

So walk up, go figure
Climb that staircase
Oh you know what’s waiting!

I am just trying to make a living,
But that’s false.
Everything that I do,
Will come back too!

It’s true,
My life is,
A few stories at a time.

It was 2001+11+1,
When I knew,
The feeling of fear
Of falling from high.

Tumbling down into the uncertain,
Stress of singing a song
In a trembling voice of nervousness
Standing in front of all the pervasive eyes.

What will happen when the entire life just turns
Into a collage of nightmares
Waking up sweating,
Feeling lost and breathing hard.

From that moment
What is divine, is my life,
No more control
There one life ends.

#27 Gibberish

I am hoping on you.
Let me see, what I can do,
Can I live without you?
And myself too!

When I am pushed I just coil
To, a smoke of strays,
Starry dreams of the bygone days.

The flight of a group
Into the valley,
One return to the thing,
That never was mine.

I am still hoping on,
Something good will happen,
There’s still a chance of magic
A rainfall in this dry place
Or a tear shower.

If you knew what I wanted,
If you could return me all that happiness.
I know you won’t, you are still one
Taken off my pieces, you survive.
I am hoping on a change. I am looking for,
You and me.



​Wish you were mine, when the thought came!

Wake up! Wake up!

I look at you, you are the only flower that blooms.

Oh! Let me see your face baby!
Oh! Let me be the one that holds your hands.

Wake up! Wake up! Let’s get it started.
I am hoping on, you and me.

Baby, you are my star, 
I look for you at night. 

  Look,                            You are mine ;

   See,                                My flower ;

Visualise,                          My Love.