#22 Partition Poem: A different story

A chaos rises as life falls down
My life shattered and forced apart.
I never wanted to grow up,
I wanted to cry!
On that nightmarish night,
When I was left alone to die.

This land that I now call my home
Is not mine, it was forced.
My home was on the other side
In purple lakes and blue hills,
But my religion took away my home
As they threw me across the border stone.

But my fate changed, I met a saint
When I had no food, no money, no hope –
He made me his family, and gave me his home.

I grew up to be this me,
With all these scars in my memory.
I still search for my parents
Though I know I’ll never find them in this life.

After twenty-four years my new home is free
But my religion, still stuck to me.

I can hope my family alive-happy,
And I’ll get them back is my only dream.


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