#20 Where Will I Be?

An end to all tests that once started
With this there will be finally time
For my holidays and me, to follow,
The calling of an endless spirit trail.

As I seek to vanish down life,
Far away from where I would naturally be,
In helpless bondage where the body merely survives,
I’ll revisit these happy memories.

Let’s start at point one, where sea and sky meet
Wrecks lie like shredded skeletons of the past conquered fears.
Drowning so many hopes, in so little space
No chance to escape the waves, the life-boat tilts;
A new soul emerging since.

Warm sands to keep me company, a few footmarks
A lot of saltwater but no tear, I say!
It is my first walk away from home.

Then to the top from the deep
From a drive to a flight, a desire even higher
I climb up places to reach a no man’s land,
Pictures will stay to show it was never another dream.

The valleys, the gorge, the steep hill guards,
To a modern path with guns, fires, and countless wars,
Lives lost to protect many many whims
Have left on the future, permanent scars.

Where flowers bloom and fools sleep
Dissent is the norm and neighbours come and steal,
What can we do but to wait and watch,
Strings of pearly waters and snow covered peaks.

I ask myself where to next?
Here on now where will I be?
The only answer that sticks onto me,
Moving on wheels, a bit more outside.

This is life, a constant change,
Stripping down to the bones, I hear echoes of voicelessness.


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