#19 To Feel

Even when it scares to be lonely,
When hopes seem to wither away,
This uncertainty, a tragedy,
That brings all consuming sufferings.

All I can say is that I see you.
I know what you mean.
Being connected to you, I feel your pain.

Don’t lose hope,
Even though it’s so easy to give up.
Prepare yourself to see through,
And reach a bigger universe.

I hope you will read this Kukii.
This is a simple rearranging of our conversation, but I hope you can hold on to what I said. Only you have a chance to be strong and stand ground. You’ll have to see through this depression and anxiety. We are there to help you along and support you. Anytime you need a hand, just look at me, I am here waiting for you.
I hope my words can give you courage. Stay well!

#18 The Wanderer (るろうに剣心)

This was written long back after I watched a film and had a realisation on the problem of ‘fitting in’. It’s an universal desire working in all of us to find a place, to belong somewhere, and have a sense of purpose in ourselves. However many of us have a tough time in finding our space and committing to a single purpose. This poem is for all those people who see the change in their lives happening in front of their own eyes and have to go through a struggle everyday to fit in and acclimatise to the changes. For the struggle of evolving and surviving through a constant flux called change. Keep believing in yourselves, you’ll find your pace in the world!

Through my eyes or my heart
I see the changed world
A place where I do not fit

Everything is new, fragile
Fine, yet weak
All things eerily beautiful.

Not living from the same old past,
Nothing of the haunting times
I carry with me now.

Laying on the floor, or dusty roads
Like a clam on the white sands
I am just a wanderer now,
And I wish to be lost.