#11 A Chase for Sleep

A chase for a sleep, a story –
Once upon a time, it was an evening then
In a room filled with strangers, I felt
Haunting matters stuck deep in my fears.

Enter a passionate woman, a silent curse,
My own Luna, and I watched,
With a group of miserably alike,
She was our all not so secret desire.

She sat at a corner seat,
The opposite sofa I occupied
My heart raced at our distant intimacy,
Success at our chances to meet.

Paper roses and empty bottles
Fuzzy light bulbs hanging from above
Their significance weighing down my life
I sit and wait for the woman to finish her tale.

The story broke all order
Suggesting no meaning at all
She narrated, I listened
When will my turn come to speak?

Pieces fall in their places to the end
The puzzle that we both had to speak
Looking forward to walking back in memory
Falling over one thing that led to something else.

One hopeless night was blown away
No choice was given to soothe in faux calm
Meaningless sex in a rented room,
Again tomorrow a walk of shame had to wait.


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