She walks ahead in silhouette
I follow her, in awe of her beauty
Completely out of breath,
Thinking of my misfortune.

I cannot stop myself from letting me loose
Wish a look in her eyes and hold of her hands
Within my mind, lost in crowd
The fear seeps in, she must be lost by now.

The thought troubles, the last glimpse at her,
Soon to be lost from my eyes, concealed by shadows –
Until lost, and we drown.


#9 Always Watched by Him

Resurrection’s a motive to life
Motivate us to truth
Going for a greater good,
One that we might never realise.

Complete in a sense, finally,
Fulfilling our duties, filially,
Follow our duties to Him,
Only how He desires us to be.

It would bring a change,
Living in a pure serene place
As a garden of Eden comes,
A new city, a new paradise,
So very different from our primal life.

There would be no change in perfection
No night, just day
No darkness, always luminous
And you are never far from His sight.

Always watched by Him
His son you are, put faith in Him.

No breaks, no lie, no pain,
It’s a world for peace and love
Nature and art coming one together
By His grace.

#8 Writing from a distance (Of the hills)

Happily in your thoughts
Of resting in the blue hills’ lap
On this night are you dreaming –
Do you feel as lonely as I feel now?

Life is still the same, as it was back
Wave after wave of insecurities fought,
Weight of chains shattered out,
To keep the promises made.

My despair to be loved, to feel warmth
Worry no more, nothing will change
Long though it might take –
All that is to be done, will be done for sure.

This distance that you cry in fear
Is not forever if we be close
All the worries, the burdens you carry
In our embrace will turn to smiles.

When I sit here alone, I wish to write
I want to reach you, hold your hand in support
But all I can do now is to wish
This happiness of ours to never fade.

#7 Reminiscing On Friendship

“আশা আশঙ্কার আমেজ নিয়ে
আকাশের রঙে রাঙা এক ঘুড়ি,
পেরিয়ে বয়স দুই আর কুড়ি,
হল আজ আমাদের এই জুড়ি।

সাথে ক্যামেরা, আর আছে দুটো পা
হেঁটে চলি সুদূর ভালোবাসার পথে,
যেখানে আগে পড়েনি কারও চোখ
সেখানে আজও আমার মন থাকে আটকে।

যেখানে এঁকেছ একদিন মন উদাস করে
সব তুমি নিতে পার ফিরিয়ে,
তবু কিছু ভালোলাগা গেল থেকে
পেরিয়ে সেসব পুরোনো স্মৃতির ভিড়ে।

হোক না তা শুধু মিনিট কয়েক খেলা
দেখতে কি কিছু কম তার রেশ,
আবার হবে কোনো এক বেলা
এই জন্মের লুকোচুরির শেষ।

তবে আজ আমি আর ভাবব না সে কথা,
যা হবে হোক,
হল নতুন জীবন শুরু হবার পালা।”

If I were to write those lines,
In a language that wasn’t mine?
Would it mean the same to you,
When you read it in a minute or two?

And what if I said I didn’t write,
The lines that you thought were mine.
Those were taken from a book,
In which the two of us can look.

The book that belongs to my heart,
Let’s read through the beats that it imparts.
A bullet is all it takes,
To go through it and put dreams to their rest.

Still I would feel a sensation,
Of achievements made in passion.
A life that was made of some lovely moments
A life that wasn’t a complete waste.