#2 The Lonely Boy

A Casual walk through a foggy wintry night, overwhelmed by a strange feeling of loneliness. The journey of the boy signifies his spiritual attempt to find his true value in this world.


The winter chill and the dead night
Only a walk through the empty roads
Sodium lights still guide me.

Through the tear filled mist
The old and the mighty
Keep on watching the simpleton boy.
Who still walks alone, palely, loitering,
The memory lanes.

Destination he never chooses, he walks on
Unknown lanes, dark, lit or unlit entirely
By street lights or a hanging luminous balloon –
The ever-smiling moon,
Still selling its grin from the darkened sky.

A sudden breeze and the clouds scatter
The leaves dance with them
Still they, standing by the path
Head held high, stare down
Piercing the winter chill,
Through the night still,
The boy walks on.


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